Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Degas and Life

I love everything by Degas. The flashes of color and the amazing contrast between the floor and the white, as well as the blurs in the background just make my eyes go crazy. Pieces like his make me wish I had stuck with art lessons. The thing I love about art is the unsurety of it all. You can look at a picture and just sit and wonder: what was he thinking when he did this? You can come up with a bunch of theories. You can study them and be tested on them in school and write them in a professional-sounding book. You can do all of these things, but sometimes (most of the time), you'll still be totally wrong. Sometimes the picture is the work of a moment; something the artist can never explain because it's an experience, and not a thought. Everyone can have a different experience with a piece of art. Art is personal. You can look at the same painting many times, and you will always see it slightly differently. People tend to overanalyze everything, condense it down, and force feed it to whoever will listen. Art is different. You can't do that with art.

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