Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 48, in which I saw as many miracles as ever, and in which I leave the country unexpectedly. It's sweet.

So I'm in HONG KONG!!!!!!!!! I knew that I'd be leaving, and I assumed it would be for a long time, but turns out I'll be in Hong Kong for only a week, and then going back to dear Macau to continue serving my sweet sisters in the international branch. Due to lots of complicated reasons that I don't feel like telling you, I'll be spending a week here serving with random people until it's time for me to return. And where, you may ask, will I be serving? Well, I had no idea until I showed up at the mission office today, but I'll be going on splits with Sister L and Sister J, the KWUN TONG SISTERS!!!!!!!!! That's right baby, I'm goin' back to Kwun Tong! I am so ecstatic, I was literally jumping up and down in the middle of the mission home, and I think President Hawks might have chuckled a little at me but I don't care. I love those people so much.

I wrote a love poem this week, and want to dedicate it to all of the sisters in the international branch:

For love, we meet until from strangers.

For love, we from the students into a friend.

For love, we become without words don't talk.

For love, we won't respectively.

For love, for your dreams, our efforts.

Joke. I found this written on a notebook and I almost bought it because it made me laugh, but then I thought it probably was one of those purchases I'd regret, so I just copied the poem. I hope you enjoyed it.

T-shirt of the week! "Why would Andy Warhol like me?" And I told her, "You shouldn't make assumptions, I hear he's very open-minded and accepting." She appreciated it.

We had so many miracles this week, one of them being that H, our recent convert, had to leave Macau on the same day I did, so I rode the ferry with her and with Sister S! Sister H is so wonderful, and I'm so grateful that I was blessed to meet her. We read the scriptures together on the ferry, and it fills me with so much joy to see her love for the Book of Mormon grow. She is already in Alma and today we read about how Ammon dominates those Lamanites, and she was just laughing and laughing when she read that part. Yeah, I love that sister.

Sister L will be leaving Macau when I get back, so naturally our last week together was just awesome. I love that sister so much! It was so easy to be companions, and we worked CRAZY hard.

We met with Sister T this week, and she has decided that she really wants to quit smoking, so we talked a lot about the power of prayer and faith, and then helped her to set specific goals for when she'll be completely off cigarettes. We helped her to write a list of all the reasons that she wants to quit, and her top few reasons were for her daughter, her grandchildren (she wants to live to see them), and God-- with those kinds of reasons, she'll definitely make it. We then helped her write down a plan of how to quit and a list of all of her allies, those people who can help her get through the worst times, and it just felt so good to be one of those allies. I am so grateful every day that God blesses me with the opportunities to help people. He doesn't need me in order to work miracles, obviously. But he lets me be a part of it because he loves me and wants to give me that blessed opportunity.

This week I met a sister who has dated her boyfriend for nine years, but she hasn't married him because she wants to have a temple marriage, and he's not a member. We started teaching him the lessons though, and he's awesome! So cool, and really wants to know the truth. And that sister is such an example to me. Eternal families are what it's all about, and I want that for my family, present and future. I love my family so much, and I don't want to lose any one of them, and through Heavenly Father's plan, I don't have to!

Anyways, we're off to Kwun Tong now! We'll be meeting with one of the members tonight, and I'm so excited to see her again! Wow, I still can't believe what's going on-- I feel like I'm in a dream, or on vacation! Heavenly Father LOVES these people, and I know that's true.

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