Friday, February 26, 2010

L to the O to the V to the E.

Since it's been 11 days since Valentine's Day, I should probably at least mention how mine went before I completely forget. It was awesome!!! Right before we went to bed the night before, we got a call telling us to go look at our back door. When we checked, we found three bouquets of roses!

We also found a poem written by J.J. and Tyler:

To the Robison girls who are awesome.
We give thee some Valentine’s blossoms.
But don’t stop reading yet,
Because thou wilt get,
Some Valentine’s rhymes,
That sound divine.

TO SARAH THE SWEET, for whom I would wait,
Can this be fate? I fall for thy bait.
Thy humor never fails to make me chuckle.
Whenever I see thee, my knees they do buckle.

TO BECCA THE WISE, thou hast stars in your eyes.
Thou art my demise. My heart is thy prize.
Thy musical skill leaves me wishing for more.
Thou makest me crumble right down to my core.

TO KATIE DIVINE, thou art very kind.
My heart thou dost bind because thou art fine.
Thy fun-loving nature always has sparkle,
Whether playing basketball, soccer, or Farkle.

Over our hearts thou hast great powers.
So we leave thee one dozen Valentine’s flowers.
As well as this poem, that seems as though from above,
To thee, the three girls whom we love.

The next afternoon, Becca, Sarah, and I made the boys an amazing dinner. Sarah made pasta with herbs and sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious. Becca did some serious decorating and cleaning, and I made a frozen brownie-ice cream-cool whip dessert with cookie crumbs on top. Yes, I know. I am amazing. Then we wrote the boys a poem in return! And I must say, it was probably the best poem ever written.

Ode to Shipp 116

To the boys of Shipp 116,
This poem is for you, on whom we are keen.
We’d like to thank you on Valentine’s Day
For being yourselves in your own special way.

TO TYLER THE KIND, ‘tis you we adore,
For making us feel treasured and leaving roses at our door.
Your happy face lights up the room,
Your cheery voice dispels all gloom.

TO ERICK THE BRAVE, ‘tis you we crave.
When we are downhearted, it’s you who doth save.
With your humor, quick-wit, and the accent of a Brit
We have concluded that you are pretty legit.

TO NATHAN THE FAIR, in you we delight.
You’ll succeed in Africa even though you are white.
Your outgoing ways always make us smile,
And you always impress us with your great sense of style.

TO WADE THE MAGNIFICENT, ‘tis you we idolize.
We caress your brown hair, drown in your blue eyes.
We are so glad you don’t think we are homely,
When you’re in the room, we’ll never be lonely!

TO J.J. THE JUST, after you we do lust.
You’re over every day, seeing you is a must!
Though you’re underdressed, you look good in everything.
Your big hugs and ticklishness, much joy do they bring.

As you can see, we think you’re quite awesome.
Our love for you has only started to blossom.
You make the sun shine when skies are grey,
And so we’d like to say, Happy Valentines Day!

So we prepared a feast fit for a king. Or five kings...

I must say, it looks great for three girls on a college budget and a tight schedule. The boys loved their poems:

Look at how gentlemanly they are!

Although they weren't always completely... socially acceptable.

But we love them anyways!

All in all, a very successful dinner!

And a very exhausting one.

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