Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Words, words, words

In case you didn't know, I love words. I love learning new words. I love looking at a page full of words and knowing that, although I've probably seen all those words somewhere before, what the words say will be completely different. I love looking at how changing one word can affect the tone of a phrase, and how simply rearranging words can speed up or slow down the rhythm of the whole sentence. Because of this, I really love the game Bananagrams.


Don't you just love how that pile of letters looks? It gives one the feeling that there are endless possibilities. The game is simple. You each draw a certain number of tiles and then have to make your own little crossword, using up all your letters. Once you finish the letters you drew, everyone playing has to draw a new tile, then as soon as someone uses up their new tile, everyone draws again. You keep this up until all the tiles are used. The first person to finish is the winner! We often play it after dinner, and it's always fun to look at the words everyone comes up with. Sometimes, instead of playing with other people, I like trying to make a crossword using up all of the tiles. This time I decided to make it more difficult by using a specific theme. The obvious choice was Harry Potter. Here is the result:

 It took a lot of work and some help from Rebecca, but we managed to do it! Now doesn't that look inspiring? All those words, with all that meaning, just sitting there waiting to be used? Read books, my friends. That's my advice.


  1. Where did you start? What is the exact tie in with "ice"?xo

  2. I started with Expecto Patronum. And I had an 'e' and a 'c' left over and I couldn't figure out what to do with them haha. There are several instances of ice being used in Harry Potter. Ice sculptures for the Yule Ball and Ice Mice (candy sold in Honeydukes) to name a couple.

  3. I LOVE this!!! I can tell you're excited for HP7 part II to come out as much as I am