Friday, November 4, 2011

It's a small world after all, and it's freaking me out.

So I spent this past weekend in Idaho (more about that later) and while I was there I met a girl who is roommates with someone I met at EFY four years ago, who also happened to be in my cousin's home ward.

I went to a party a few weeks ago where I met a guy who knew someone from my home stake. He served a mission in her ward after she had moved to Pennsylvania.

I'm a TA for my French professor's sister.

A guy who served a mission in my singles branch a couple summers ago was in a student ward at Utah State with my roommate's brother.

Seriously, if Mormons are involved, that whole six degrees of separation thing goes down to four. If you go to BYU or know someone who lives in Provo, it's three degrees. This is my third year in Provo, and I'm still not over it.

On a completely different note, I just found out that my favorite artist of all time, Edgar Degas, has an exhibit RIGHT NOW in Washington D.C. I am desperate to go. DESPERATE.

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