Monday, July 9, 2012

Katie arrives at Missionary Training Center July 5th, 2012

Katie arrives at MTC in the rain.  New missionaries are dropped off by family or friends and assisted by others already at MTC.

She packed well--each bag was under weight allowances so she can add books and other necessities.

Brooke Adams and Becca Bradshaw deliver her safely to MTC.

This is her first letter (hand-written and mailed by post)

Dear Father, Mother, Rebecca, Rachel, Rowan:
My branch president told me to send you a letter to let you know I am alive!  Today has been so exhausting and crazy, but I know Cantonese words and have some new friends! My companion, Sister Law, is great.  We have faced two crises today: 1.  Her perfume bottle broke in her luggage, so we had to clean everything.  Bright side--my hands still smell good! and 2.  I don't have a towel...Can you send me one?  Apparently towels are luxuries only afforded to senior couples.  Bright side--we met about 20 people at the front desk and from housekeeping and from security who all wanted me to get a shower ASAP.

Our district has 3 elders and 2 sisters, and I can already tell we're going to be super close.  There is another companionship in our room, including my friend Sister Heaton!  She is so fun.

I am so tired but so happy.  I have no doubt that this is where I need to be right now. It's time for lights out and I don't have time tomorrow to write, so I'll wrap it up!  My p-day is Monday, so expect an email!  And please send me Dear Elder instead of email because I only get 30 minutes on the computer and I want to send you detailed emails!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for being supportive and wonderful!  Miss you lots!

Love, Sister Cutler

P.S. Sister Heaton sang the welcome song from "She's the Man" in class and I recognized it!

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