Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 4, in which I almost break a federal law and in which the MTC President gives me free ice cream

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the letters this week! Mom, thank you for emailing me those pictures--our crepe myrtles are looking B-E-A-Utiful!

Well my week began with a rather interesting adventure. The last time that I entered the boys bathroom was in Mrs. Burch's class in 5th grade. I can't remember who dared me, but I did it. This week I didn't just run in and run out of the bathroom unannounced. This week I spent about ten minutes in there cleaning urinals. The reason it lasted ten minutes is because we spent about five minutes just standing there staring at them, and wondering how in the world to approach such strange, unappealing contraptions. But fortunately I survived! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Speaking of cleaning adventures, Mom, do you remember how you told me to be on the look out for Sister Farewell's nephew Elder Funke from Idaho? Well I didn't see him. But while cleaning the mail room I saw a letter addressed to him! And I felt like I should do something like write him a note on the envelope or steal the letter or read it or something. But I didn't. I just walked away.

Here's something cool! Brother Fogt's (Fu Hingdaih's) brother is on the US Olympic bobsled team and he competed in the 2010 games! That's right. I know someone who is related to a vaguely famous person. I also know an Elder named Elder Pizza. No joke. Guess where he's going on is his mission. Yes. Italy.

I've shared Jesse's emails with my district for the past few weeks, and the other day during class, I asked something to the effect of, "Gosh, why is Cantonese like that? That's so weird!" And Elder Morton turned to me and said, "TIC Sister Cutler. This Is Cantonese." Which he definitely stole from Jesse's This Is Africa phrase.

Speaking of Elder Morton, here are a couple of Week 4 Classic Morton Moments:

Elder Arrington: Why do the sisters only have to teach 3 times this week! No fair!

Sister Cutler: Life isn't fair. It says that in Proverbs.

Elder Morton: Really?

Sister Cutler: No.

Elder Morton: Oh. Okay. Well, you know what they say: If life is fair, why do roses have thorns?

Elder Arrington: That doesn't make sense.

Sister Cutler: (singing) Eeeee-very rose has its thorns.

Gu Hingdaih: It says that in the hymnbook.

Elder Morton: Really?

Gu Hingdaih: Yeah, it's hymn 134.

Sister Cutler: No.

Elder Morton looks over at the ice cream freezer where he sees a senior missionary eating an ice cream as she reaches in to grab another one. He smiles at her and says, "So you're getting another one, huh?" The best part is that he didn't realize for several minutes how that could have been considered rude.

Elder Morton: You know what would be the coolest thing ever? If they made a ski track that was kind of like a giant half-pipe, and then each skiier had a jousting pole and they started at the top and skiied at each other and tried to knock the other one over. I'd do that.

In other news, Sister Law isn't leaving next week after all. Her VISA paperwork didn't go through, so she'll be stuck here for a while longer. I think they'll try to send her to an in-state mission for a while, so I'll keep you posted!  (*an email from Sister Law stated that she will be leaving next week...destination, unknown.  So stay tuned)

Church was quite the adventure yesterday. Firstly, the Cantonese missionaries did a musical number in Cantonese in church! We sang "Be Still, My Soul" a cappella! Then I got called as zone coordinating sister. That means I'm in charge of welcoming the new missionaries (with the zone leaders) and then I'm responsible for monitoring all the sisters' welfare. I think it will be pretty fun! Relief Society in the MTC is a meeting with all the sisters and we always have a really great guest speaker. This week it was President Brown! He told us that there are more than 400 sister missionaries here this week! And in a couple of weeks we'll hit 490, which is a new record! Very exciting. And then during his lesson he was talking about... something... to be honest, I had started to drift off just a little... And I think he noticed because he said, "Sister, yes you with the polka dot shirt in the third row. Yes you! Come up here!" And so then I went up there and he said, "Sister Cutler, where are you from? Where are you serving? Hong Kong? Very nice. Can you teach me the Atonement?" I said, "What? In Cantonese?" And he said, "No, not unless you want to!" And so I did, and I was so nervous the whole time! But afterwards he said, "That was great. Do you think you deserve an ice cream cone?" To which I responded, "You bet I do!" And then he wrote down my favorite ice cream flavor and told me he'd pick it up from the BYU Creamery tomorrow!

Speaking of Relief Society, whenever we play sand volleyball and someone does a bad serve, everyone yells, "Relief Society re-do!" and give them another chance. People also say, "Deacon do-over!"

Last night we had a wonderful devotional. The speaker told us that "Jesus Christ doesn't ask for more than we have. Just like when he fed the five thousand, he didn't ask the people for enough food. He just asked for all they had. Five loaves and two fishes was enough for the Savior then, and your five loaves and two fishes are enough for him now. He will never ask for anything more or less than all you have." And that hit me so hard. I'll give it my all for him because he gave his all for us. That's what's so beautiful about this gospel. It's for everyone. He just needs all of whatever we have, and he will replace it with all that he has. I think that's more than a fair trade.

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