Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 5, in which I become a minor celebrity and see people kissing for the first time in a month

Hello dearest family and friends! Yet another week has passed here at the good ol' MTC. As per usual, I have had several interesting adventures. But firstly, I have some upsetting news to break to you. Up to this point, you have been blessed with weekly updates of the hilarity that is Elder Morton. But after I mentioned that he had his own weekly section in my email (and therefore on my blog) he resolved to say nothing that was remotely funny for the whole week--a tragedy for us all. But I know that, if we are patient, he will break eventually. He can't subdue his wonderful personality for long. But here's something you probably don't know about Elder Morton! He can play the tin whistle! He is actually really good. He makes me want to riverdance (although to be honest, it doesn't take much to make me want to riverdance). Also, he is a pro fencer.

So President Brown (the MTC President) and I have gotten to know each other pretty well this past week. As I mentioned in my last email, he promised me ice cream, which he followed through on. The next evening at dinner they had the ice cream bar (my favorite time of the week!) and I was taking my ice cream back to my seat when I walked past him and said hello, and then said something like, "Didn't get enough ice cream the first time!" To which he responded, "Well more than one bowl in a night is fine by me! Good for you!" And as I walked away, I realized that he thought I meant that that was the second bowl of ice cream I'd eaten that night, which was incorrect. At that point I was slightly embarrassed by my seemingly appalling diet. But our interactions didn't end there... (cliff hanger)

So the older Hong Kong district left early this morning! I was a little sad to see them go, but it means that it's only 6 weeks or so until I follow them! WOW! I am getting so excited to get out of here and start my mission for real! Although I know there will be times where I will miss the cushiness of the MTC--all your meals are premade, every minute of the day is scheduled to the max, and you are surrounded by fun, crazy missionaries coming from and going to every part of the world! Speaking of all different kind of missionaries, guess who I have seen every day since he entered the MTC last Wednesday... No. That's way off. You'll never get it, so I'll just tell you. The boy who played young Joseph in the Joseph Smith movie! I know! CRAZY! The first time we saw him in the cafeteria, Sister Heaton, Sister Lin, Sister Law, and I just stared. Really conspicuously. And I was debating about whether or not to ask for a picture with him when he swaggered past and said, "Good morning, ladies." And those who know me know how I feel about boys who creepily call a group of girls 'ladies.' So then I decided I wouldn't ask after all. I'm too proud for that.

The other day, our whole district had 'For The Longest Time' stuck in our heads, which, if you think about it, is a pretty appropriate song for the MTC. And I was just imagining how fun it would be to make a music video of it. It would start out with all of us listening to our teacher talking (sounding something like the Charlie Brown teacher) and then Elder Morton would start snapping really slowly under our desk. And then Elder Arrington would start to whistle and Elder Kimball would sway to the beat. And then the tempo would all the sudden speed up and all of us would jump up and start skipping around the building singing and oohing and snapping and it would be awesome. We also decided that we would start a district band. Elder Morton could play his tin whistle, I'll learn the fiddle, Elder Arrington will play the harp, and Elder Kimball and Sister Law will be dancing fairies in the background. (Please don't judge us too harshly. It was a long day.)

Speaking of my over-active imagination, I was sitting in Mission Conference yesterday morning and, about 45 minutes into it, my mind started to wander. And I imagined how hilariously awful it would be if all of a sudden a giant T-Rex ran into the room and caused absolute chaos. But I don't think God would let that happen.

Speaking of mission conference, I will now continue my President-Brown-interactions story. So President Brown was the last speaker and right at the beginning of his talk, he called up two missionaries to bear their testimonies. In front of everyone in the MTC. Over 2300 people. And the first name he called was Katharine Cutler. I wasn't nodding off this time or anything, but I still practically jumped out of my chair! I was shaking the whole entire time. But as soon as I got up there, I felt so calm and I felt this peaceful smile just come on my face and I went with it. I talked for only about 2 minutes, but I can't remember anything that I said. And I walked with my legs shaking all the way back to my seat haha. But ever since then, people have come up to me and said, "Thank you for your testimony." "You were great." "Did you know he was going to call you?" etc. So yeah, I'm basically famous now.

This week I learned that 7-11s are very popular in Hong Kong. They're called Chat-Saahp-Yaht.

During personal study last week I spent about 10 minutes just staring at a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower. And wow, what a miracle. I just felt like God sent him there just for me to see him. I felt the Spirit more, felt that calm, peaceful feeling more than I had all day. It was just what I needed.

And now for the kissing. We watched Legacy last night, which I haven't seen in years. And before they turned it on, they had to tell all of us that if we didn't keep quiet during the romance scenes, they'd turn it off haha. It was hard to contain ourselves though!

Bad news: Gu Hingdaih leaves on Wednesday! We'll get a new teacher sometime soon.

Something I learned this week: If you invest in God's work, he'll invest in you. That's what I'm trying my best to do! Just put my all in this calling, and then let God change me into who I need to become!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

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