Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 31: in which my interactions with men are more awkward than usual, and in which I hope for things which are not seen which are true

Hello everyone! It's another beautiful, sunny day in Hong Kong! And good news! I get another move in Kwun Tong with Sister Chan! Oh, I am so so happy to be with her again. In fact, last week I prayed and told Heavenly Father that if he let me stay another move with her in Kwun Tong, I'd give up chocolate for the entire move. So now, I'm proud to say that I've been chocolate-free for five days now. Yes. It's pretty miraculous, right? Only five weeks and two days to go!

T-shirt of the week: I think this one might be Twilight inspired? Anyways, it's black, with big, bold, silver letters saying "The Right to Twinkle." And then I saw this girl wearing a super girly outfit, including a pink tutu (yes, it's true), wearing a shirt that said, "Today I am a boy." And then a little boy wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt! Super cute! It said "Really Useful Engine" on the front, and then all over it had the names of Thomas's friends... Jumes and Pelhev? I always thought it was James and Percy, but maybe I'm wrong? The best thing about these shirts is that, even when they make sense, the chances that the people wearing them understand what they say are very, very slim.

I wish you all could meet A__.  I'm pretty sure his name is A__, but it's so hard to understand him because he always speaks in English, and he always sounds drunk, so it's almost impossible to understand him. Anyways, he's this pretty old guy with the longest eyebrow hairs I've ever seen. Sometimes he comes to church, and he always talks with the missionaries. He hasn't come for a while, but on Sunday he came and, well, let's just say I'm planning to avoid him from now on haha. Here's the conversation:

A: (after sacrament meeting): Sister... Cutler... you... have changed.

Me: Oh, okay? (trying to find a way out of the conversation)

A: Your... nose. It is more... outstanding.

Me: What? Thank you? Okay? (runs away)

A: (before Sunday School he sees me eating crackers): Are... you hungry?

Me (while eating): Uh, yes.

A: Do... you... have food? To eat?

Me (while eating): Uh... yes?

A: Oh... because... if not... I would... buy you lunch.

Me: No thank you.

A: (after Sunday School, as I'm leaving the room): Sister... Cutler.

Me: Yes?

A: You've changed.

Me: Since the beginning of class?

A: Yes. You... are... more beautiful.

Me: Oh. Okay. (runs away)

Haha, yeah. Fortunately the only people who hit on me are 60 years old. . So I was sitting in the building that Saturday night, and one of the young men came in and said, "There are some foreigners outside in the parking lot." So I went out with a couple investigators and members, and there were about five men standing out there with backpacks on. They were all early to mid 20's, rugged, tall, white, and spoke English. Apparently one of them had served his mission here a while ago, and so they were all visiting. So I invited them in and then we all stood there awkwardly for a second, me with all the Asians on one side, and all the white boys on the other. And then one of them asks, "So are you all members or investigators?" And clearly, CLEARLY he was talking to the people I was standing with. But I, being COMPLETELY awkward and uncomfortable and flustered, say, "I'm a mission--- uh hm... (cough cough)." Then I just kind of edged out of the room... and then booked it down the hall. Haha it was so funny! Gosh, I don't know what I'm going to do when I get back to BYU, so many tall, white boys speaking English! Save me!!!!

So last week we met with a pastor, kind of accidentally. We'd scheduled to meet a woman I'd contacted on a bus, super nice, super sweet. And then we showed up and turns out we were meeting with her AND her pastor haha. So that was unexpected, to say the least. They were both very kind and genuinely interested in what we believe. He, however, was kind of condescending. He told us that it's really great that we're out here, preaching the gospel, inviting others to come unto Christ. He said, "Just make sure that you're preaching proper interpretations of scripture." He said that the Book of Mormon may be good literature (he isn't sure since he hasn't read it yet), but that nothing is as true as the Bible. I explained that if the Bible and the Book of Mormon are both words from prophets, then the Book of Mormon definitely is as true and as important as the Bible. And I told him that he can find out for himself if it's true, and that if it is true, then that means this world has a living prophet with as much power and authority and wisdom as Moses or Abraham. He invited me to study the Bible more, and I invited him to read the Book of Mormon with an open mind. I know that if he does, he'll see that it is just as true as the Bible. Sometimes my testimony is shaky, and sometimes my faith is small. But I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon could not have come anywhere but from God. It is true, and it is evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet called of God. When I read the Book of Mormon, I can feel peace and joy and enlightenment. It makes sense in my mind and feels right in my heart--what more evidence could one ask for?

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary! It's so hard! All the time! I'm tired, disheartened, confused. And then I'm happy, full of peace, calm, and sure. And the peace that comes from the gospel passes understanding. I don't need to understand all right now--that comes with time. But we can always have the peace that comes from knowing that Jesus is our Savior and that he loves and knows each of us. I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and letters and love! Onward and upward! Let's go!

Dinner at the American Club at the Exchange Tower 

Les Miserables is here

 Reunion with Sister Law

Dinner out with the district 

Mirrored Ceilings!

Tim Tam Slam anyone?

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