Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Scary Story

Once upon a time, a normal, college-aged girl knew six boys. Let's call these boys Luke, Tyler, J.J., Wade, Erick, and Nathan, because those are their names. These boys were usually nice and sometimes normal. One evening, a very mean and unknown person threw a large shooter marble at their window! It broke the outside pane of their double-paned kitchen window. This normal, college-aged girl was over at their dorm at the time, and called the campus police, who came and filled out a report. The End.

Actually, it is not The End. The next night, the normal, college-aged girl was not at their dorm. She received a text message from the boys saying that another large marble came through their window. This marble broke through both panes of glass this time, and left a dent in the ceiling before landing on their kitchen floor. And so this normal, college-aged girl went over to their dorm and saw three campus policemen who took themselves very seriously. The were hardened after many brutal years of BYU campus crime, I suppose. These policemen filled out another report, put the marble in a very official evidence bag, covered the holes in duct tape, and left. The very official policemen agreed that the marble must have been shot from a slingshot or a paintball gun, and interrogated the six boys about their love lives, in order to scope out any possible suspects. However, to the disappointment of the policemen, as well as the normal, college-aged girl, these boys did not have any interesting or dramatic girlfriend problems. And so ended the search for the culprit. The End.

Yes. This story may seem to be too fantastic, too ridiculous to be true. However, I can guarantee that it is. If you do not believe me, then here is photographical evidence to prove it:

The six boys actually did not mind the incident. Yes, that may seem strange. But they actually garnered quite a good amount of attention from others, particularly girls. Here are examples of some comments they received after the incident:

"What the heck! Who would do that? That is really lame! Stupid people!"

"That is really scary, I am really sorry you guys!"

"no way! who in the world is out to get you guys?!?!"

"o my goodness i feel so bad for you guys, thats terrible. there were cops looking around outside forever tonight."

So yes. They rather enjoyed it, I think.

The End.

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