Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shanti means peace

That's what they told us at the Festival of Colors, a Hindu festival that celebrates the coming of spring. The festival itself, however, was anything but peaceful. It was basically a huge mob of people at a Hindu temple throwing colored chalk everywhere. The combination of people was just weird: Mormons, Hindus, potheads, hippies... They had it all! But it was so fun anyways!

This is before the colors were thrown. I didn't actually take this picture, but it's a really good one of the temple.

It was pretty easy to find the hippies.

Oh boys. Sometimes they try so hard...

I didn't take this picture either, but this is when everyone threw the colors at once. The air was so hazy that it blocked out the sky! It was hard to breathe or even see because of all the chalk smoke.

Yes... I bought a shirt with a British flag on it to wear to an Indian festival. But hey! It was only $3! What a good deal. And I don't think half the people there were even intelligent (or sober) enough to understand the connection anyways.

On the long walk back to the cars. Having such dirty skin made our teeth look really white!

We had so much fun!

Even on the long, slow trip home.

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