Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Crafty!

I decided I wanted to create something special this summer, so I got online and ordered a tapestry pillow kit like the one that Granny has been working on. Hers is part of a set of 6, and each is a depiction of a different day of creation. She's on day one, and it's looking really neat. My design is by an artist named Gustav Klimt, and it's pretty quirky and modern. Here's a picture of how the completed product will look (fingers crossed). 
Check it out! I've done about 20 stitches already!

"Hey, I have a good idea. How about I pose like I'm actually sewing, and you stand on that chair and take a picture of me. That will look cool."


This project is pretty expensive, but I think it will be worthwhile as long as I don't completely destroy it. I don't have much experience sewing, so this is a new adventure for me! I did make a quilt last summer, which was easier than I expected and super fun. It's so relaxing to just turn on a movie and do something crafty. I really think I should make a habit of having little projects all year round. That way, when I want to relax during school, I can still be doing something productive, as opposed to just lying around watching Youtube videos. Plus, the accomplished feeling I get when I complete a project is so satisfying (I can hear Becca's dad's voice in my head saying "so satisfying that what?" but I am not going to answer because he's just being sassy). Also, if you will take a gander at the coffee table in the picture, you can catch a glimpse of Granny's tapestry. She is almost finished and it looks to be the comfiest, classiest pillow in the whole world.

P.S. Pray take notice of my yellow pants. I bought them at the Banana Republic Outlet, and I'm excessively proud of them. Firstly, they were 50% off. Secondly, they're yellow. Thirdly, they are cropped trousers, which are all the rage in Europe at the moment. Yes, that's right. Europe. Which is where I am. I'm basically as chic as they come right now, or something like that.

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  1. Your hair matches your pants. Cute look. xo