Friday, May 20, 2011

Job hunting, among other things

I have been very busy today, and was very successful at many things. Here are my small successes of the day:
1. I successfully got my bangs to cooperate with the rest of my hair.
2. I successfully helped plan meals for the weekend. Granny is leaving for London in the morning, so Rebecca and I will be fending for ourselves.
3. I successfully rode a broken old bike from Priscilla's all the way down the pasture hill and to Granny's without killing myself, the school kids, or the cows.
4. I successfully purchased a carrot cake and a chocolate cake from the local bakery for only 5 pounds 10. 
5. I successfully filled out an application form for the Marine Retirement Home, and successfully delivered it to the superintendent there without embarrassing myself or coming across as a stupid American (hopefully). 
6. I successfully walked down the beach without getting sandy feet.
7. I successfully carved a small chicken for supper.
8. I successfully completed a rather boastful blog entry.

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