Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Start of the Voyage

I am currently sitting in the Boston airport, waiting to catch our flight to Heathrow! From there, we will take a coach to the Gatwick airport, and fly from there to Inverness. It's been a pretty eventless trip so far, thank goodness.
Since getting home from school, I've been learning a very important lesson in a very wonderful way. The lesson is to enjoy where I am when I'm there. It's a tough thing to do sometimes. There will always be somewhere else I could go, or someone else I want to see, but that's not the point. I was really sad to leave Addison and Becca and Brooke and Tessa in Provo, and I would love to get to see them. But I was also really happy to be going home, because my home and my family are so beautiful. And now I'm leaving that beautiful home, which I'm sad about, but I'm flying to Scotland to spend two months with Granny Kate! I could spend my time counting down to when I go to the next place, or I could spend my time completely immersed in where I am. I could spend my whole time in Scotland wishing that the summer would fast-forward to August 2nd, (when Addison is visiting!), but I'm not going to!  Because I am determined to get as much as I can from everywhere I go. I can't do that when I'm constantly focused on other places I want to be.

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