Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes I'm selfish.

Today was my turn to bring treats to the Stance editing meeting, so I decided to be really crafty and try out this new cake-mix cookie recipe. Granted, the recipe only has 3 ingredients, so I wasn't THAT crafty. But the results are pretty yummy! 

And by "pretty yummy" I mean... well, yummy enough that I've decided to NOT take them to the meeting. I'll buy some Oreos on the way up to campus. Yes, selfish. But honestly, my fellow editors won't even know what they're missing! So I only feel a little guilty.

Mmmm. Just ate another cookie. Guilt gone.

In other news, BYU football is back on its feet! Riley Nelson, with whom I've had a special connection for several years now, has been starting and playing brilliantly! His passes are impressively accurate and if there isn't an open receiver, he can run with the best of 'em!

Our poor, old apartment has been going through some trials lately, bless its heart. First, our toilet can't decide if it wants to work or not. Second, our bathroom sink's plug is stuck down, so it takes about a million years (rough estimate) to empty. Third, our oven has had such difficulty turning on that we finally had to let it go. (On a side note, our management here is the greatest! Once they found out that it wasn't working, they replaced it within the week!) Fourth, our kitchen sink. That sink. On Cleaning Check Eve, it got completely clogged and started filling up with all sorts of lovely remnants from our garbage disposal. I won't go into any more detail. I try to keep this blog classy (hence the picture of the plunger). Fortunately, Spencer and Dustin came to the rescue and, by their powers combined, drained and unclogged that sad, strange little sink (name that movie). The clogging culprit (among other things)?

Yes. A butter knife.

The girliest, giggliest of my adventures this semester took place in (considering I live in Provo, this will not come as a surprise to you) Alyse's Bridal Store. My dear, darling roommate Tessa (the brunette in the green jacket) is engaged to be married! So we went on a store-wide search for the perfect dress. Let me tell you, she looked like a princess in every dress she tried on. I am so excited to see which dress she will choose!

Well, it's about time to trek back up to campus. I'll leave you with this song:

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