Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello, Provo

What I did today:

1. Woke up in the morning (feelin' like P. Diddy).

2. Ate 2 of Sarah's Eggo Waffles. They were delicious.

3. Went with Aunt Lanae, Jesse, and Rebecca to our storage unit and retrieved our belongings.

4. Brought said belongings back to our apartment and unpacked them.

5. Put huge amounts of clothing that I never wear into suitcases to keep in the closet under the stairs. If I don't need them at all this semester, they're headed to D.I.!

6. Put up my beautiful pictures on my desk. This is my favorite part of my room. It makes me so happy to have all these pictures of my wonderful friends and family smiling at me all the time!

7. Went to Smith's and spent more than I care to admit on groceries.

8. Organized, rearranged, and discarded objects of varied degrees of importance.

9. Had a delicious spaghetti dinner courtesy of the lovely Sarah.

10. Went to the Creamery and enjoyed Earnestly Chocolate Ice Cream. It has chocolate caramel cups, caramel swirls, and marshmallow swirls; it tastes like a little slice of heaven.

I should really stop being so lazy and writing everything in list form. I also should really take a shower. But that doesn't mean I will...


  1. You wrote closet under the stairs. I think you mean cupboard, haha.

  2. Hahaha I am so glad you got that reference, even if it was misquoted :) It was great to see you on campus today!