Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures whilst at the boy scout store

Can I just take a moment to praise the Boy Scouts of America for their dedication to the welfare of this nation's children and future leaders, as well as the inexhaustible thoroughness of their merit badge program.

Not only do they give young men the opportunity to toughen up and enjoy the outdoors, but they also reward every small step on their way to manhood--even the step where the boys learn how to use the great outdoors instead of a cushy, indoor restroom. I would be proud to wear that on my sash. (Sash is kind of a girly word. Maybe they don't call it that. Because BSA is the furthest thing from girly.)

(The responsible, honest, too-mature-to-appreciate-bathroom-jokes voice in my head compels me to inform you that this is actually the "pulp and paper" badge, not the "nature is a bathroom" badge.)

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