Thursday, June 14, 2012

Somewhere over the Rambo.

Mondegreen noun: the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase due to near homophony, in a way that yields a new meaning to the phrase.

Today's conversation at my grandparents' house:

Jesse: Yeah, BYU intramural soccer can get pretty intense. Some players take themselves way too seriously. I just play my soccer my way, which just happens to be fancy, and it ticks a lot of guys off. Once somebody tried to fight me just because I rainbowed his girlfriend.

Katie: Yikes! That's ridiculous.

Mom (after several moments of pondering): So what does it mean when you Rambo somebody? It doesn't sound very nice.
I don't want to know...

This conversation reminded me of another soccer-related conversation we had at a rec soccer practice in high school. My father was the coach, and on the day in question he was teaching us how to effectively guard our opponents. It is important to note that my father has a British accent.

Dad: Can anybody tell me what marking is?

Nico (again, after several moments of pondering): It's when you make fun of someone!

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